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Hi! Welcome to Mass Provisions!  This is our first blog post.  We’ll be blogging regularly so if you’re interested in hand crafted artisanal food – bookmark us or follow us here.

We thought we’d use this space to tell you a little about where what we’re doing and where we come from.  We started Mass Provisions with the simple idea that people love to eat something delicious and healthy!  We won’t sacrifice taste or top quality ingredients, and we’re not afraid of being healthy!  It’s possible to do both, and that’s why we’re here!

What We Do

To start, we’ll be serving delicious chicken pot-pies, whole chickens and chicken wings.  Some details you might be interested in: our whole chickens are organic, and are smoked low and slow for hours over real wood.  The wood provides the chicken with a nice light smoky flavor, and is an ‘old school’ cooking method that’s very healthy.  After the chicken is thoroughly smoked, we pull the chicken by hand, and combine it with organic vegetables – carrots, peas, onions, celery and some herbs and spices, then put it in a flaky pastry.  All you have to do is put it in the oven for 45-55 minutes and it’s ready to eat!  We’ve served our pies to dozens of people, and every one of them has said it’s the best chicken pot-pie they’ve ever had!   

Our wings are the stuff of legend! 

We started by providing our smoked chicken wings to our local community party for July 4th, and then for football tailgates.  Completely addictive!  Our secret is that we smoke our fresh chicken wings – we never fry them like most places do.  We smoke them with real wood for about an hour, and then sauce them.  They taste incredible, and they’re roughly half the calories of a fried wing. 

Order in Advance, Please

In order for us to provide you with the best possible food and service, while keeping waste of any kind to an absolute minimum, we’ll be accepting orders 48 hours in advance only. 

We’ll be posting our menu for the day here:

Some items will be available fresh-frozen, so you can store them in the freezer for one of those evenings when you crave something delicious and healthy, but don’t have time or feel like cooking.   

What’s Fresh, What’s Frozen and When

Since we share a culinary workspace, we only have access to the kitchen on a limited basis.  We’re going to start with one day a week – we’ll let you know when that is.  On those days, everything will be fresh – pies, whole chickens, wings.  On succeeding days, only our pies and soon-to-be-available Chicken Stock and Soup Kits will be available frozen.  We put the pies and the stock in the freezer immediately after they’ve been prepared, and we’ll deliver them to you frozen so that you can enjoy them (after thawing) anytime you like.  One important note:  if not thawed completely, the pies can take a bit longer to cook.  We enjoyed a previously frozen pie over the weekend, and it was delicious!  Total cook time (partially frozen) 85 minutes at 375 degrees.  We recommend covering the pie in foil for at least half the cook time.  You’ll know it’s done when the center of the pie crust starts to bubble!  Cool before eating!

How We Got Here

Some of my earliest memories from childhood are working the grill with my Dad.  All kinds of things: chicken, steak, lamb, pork, fish, you name it.  Later I became enamored with grilling vegetables – that started when I was in my Pescatarian phase, which lasted about ten years.  I bought an off-set smoker and started smoking meats and vegetables – whole meals really – for friends and family.  Then I started doing parties and tailgates.  It seems like over the past several years I’ve always had a knife or pair of tongs in my hands.  The reaction to my cooking has always been supremely positive – many of those same people have urged me to ‘go public’ with my food.  So here we are – Mass Provisions – now providing you with our hand crafted food made the way Mom and Dad used to do it. 

We’re working out of Foundation Kitchen, a shared culinary workshop in Somerville, Massachusetts.  Initially, we’ll be delivering to Somerville, Cambridge, Medford and Boston.  We’re happy to deliver to your office or home, and we can also support take out.  Enjoy! 

We hope you’ll try our artisanal food, prepared especially for you!

Dan Goodwin

Founder, Mass Provisions

Shoot any questions or feedback to me here:

Dan Goodwin